So while talking to an incredibly awesome friend of mine I was posed with the question Why I dont blog… And that would be a completely legitimate question being that I do have a blog… That I co- share with my dun sun… shout out to dun sun Nick Smith… lol

I do know the reason I don’t blog. I will have to look into my emotions… Which I guess most people would laugh at being that I’m a girl but to me emotions make appear to be the weak link.

I have a friend who’s girlfriend did a lot of things I wouldn’t think anyone would be able to forgive, because he loves her he is willing to. I was telling him that I understand, wanting someone to be their old self or wanting to see the good in someone,but once someone has taken you to such lows it would hard for them to respect you. Or you them at that point. So I tell someone close to me what happened… and he told me “see love makes people stupid.” That is exactly how I feel sometimes, stupid.  Seeing who someone was some much so that you ignore or overlook who they are.

I thought that I created my own problems because the thing is I can see potential in people. I see what I want in someone and my brain will decide that its better. I don’t know if I need space or time. But I know what I love and that potential. I also know what I could love and see that potential as well.

I’m sure this doesn’t make sense but I get it all… until further notice my drink of choice is Lyfe Jennings hypothetically mixed with Lyfe Jennings cry…nail polish… none…