So in a conversation that I had with a friend of my mine, I discussed guys that I believed would be good boyfriends. Shout out to Rob for motivation to write tonight… lol… And with his question lead more questions so with that I will paste the convo and expand on it.

ROB: out of all the guys u know…who do u think would be a great bf?
ME: i have a few… my friend Charles, Jon, Nick and you
ROB: would u personally date any of them?
ME: yea…
ROB: im not gonna ask who…lol
ROB: we gonna leave that private
ME: lol… i would date all of them… good men with good hearts
ROB: oh
ROB: so they could win ur heart huh?
ME: if they tried…
ROB: oh
ROB: minus me…do they know this?
ME: no because it never came up… i don’t think they would be surprised… i think [some]the guys i know who aren’t on this list would be more surprised
ROB: lol y?
ME: because there are guys that i have liked that arent on this list…and guys other ppl would consider good guys… the guys on this list some have sincerely liked me…all connect [with]… all understand me in one way or another… some have been hurt… but none of them would intentionally be doing the hurting… i can’t [say] that for most of my guy friends… i’m in the crew i kno what goes on
ROB: ha ha
ROB: yea i know what u mean

And that little conversation I said a lot. People generally do not know how you feel about them or how you see them unless you tell them. So here goes. I feel the guys that I mentioned show a tremendous amount of integrity. In all the years that I have known them, well most of them. And not that some people who aren’t on the list do not but these guys are men who I believe are guys who do the right thing because its right and for no other reason and that is a quality that I love in a person. Not that they are super human or that I’m trying to be either of them’s next girlfriend, they are just good men with good hearts.  I hope the women who are blessed enough to have them in their lives understand that “you don’t meet [people] like that every dynasty.”

So until right now I’m drinking my sorrows away in Beyonce’s Gift from Virgo…and nail polish still pure