Ok so I have so many thoughts in my little head… And I can’t find the clarity to write it out. I just want you all to you that I love you. I love nick for giving me the opportunity to have the space to communicate… well typically… you know when I have things to say…

So what I will do is talk about some of my occurances lately… I have this really bad habit of being kind of nosey… not really nosey… I just like to ask questions that I probably shouldn’t ask… You know how your mom tells you not to ask why grandma’s wig is crooked? Stuff like that… So I was talking to a friend and I had a question that I had wanted to ask him for a while… I ask and i was cool… I love that! But it makes me wonder what questions people have for me.

I am so caught up in emotion and I can not believe…people amaze me… So you know how people talk about eyes telling on people… Like being able to tell that someone is lying by looking into their eyes… I feel that if someone saw my eyes they would see right through me… and I am glad that it will not happen until I can gather myself or get a really good pair of Dolce shades…What? I like to keep secrets.

I will just scamper off and do my pilates and Beyonce Experiance workout.

I’m diva drinking If I had my way-  Chrisette Michele… with a deep dark partially smudged coat of flirt 😉