So guys don’t read to hard into this… Not being deep in anyway. I just feel the need to articulate this, so here I am… Fingers to Keyboard…

So a while back I heard this song, like idk years ago. And I mean I took notice of the song but not really what it was about. So fast forward a bit and this song resurfaces… And I hear it and remember being intrigued by this song. But once again didn’t pay to much attention to this song. But more recently this song resurfaced. Like yo this joka (pronounced jo-kah) will not die.

I listen to this song, like really listen. And the lyrics brought out all types of emotions out of me. I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t considered this song before. The only thing that I can think of is that my mind must not have been able to comprehend this song originally. That is the only thing that makes sense, right?

So now I hear this song all of the time. Its not like it’s on the radio or anything. I hear it when there is no music on and without any referance. Its just always on my mind. And this song is so odd. But it is so normal… It’s off beat and on… The bass hits super hard…It’s bananas.  I see the beauty in this song and it showcases the beauty in me.

In hopes not to burn out on this song. I will keep it to myself. You have heard it. But I will keep it to myself. I know I can be left field but thank you for allowing me to express my admiration for my song.

Reminiscently drinking in Tamia’s Me and Lupe Fiasco’s And He Gets the girl still IN THE NAVY blues.