Its funny really that women complain that in relationships men don’t
communicate. I have many guy friends that do and are open with their emotions & their hearts, that 100% straight. And I love that.

However I have a slight complex that hinders me from allowing people in. Its not people really it guys that I think have possibility. What type of possibility? Well for me the foundation is friendship so, if I am having this issue its in our friendship.

One day at work I was talking to my coworkers about my cards… And my friends says that he knows that I’m not really open. Now this friend is fairly new to me and we click on a lot of things, truly he’s like a big brother, however if something bothers me or I need advice I will talk about it a distant type of way or not at all. And its not because I don’t think he would provide sound advice, because I know he will. Its just that I don’t know if he could handle the weight of the possibilities of my emotions. Many people can’t and that is why I don’t express myself that way. And its not about you personally, I am just gauging what I believe they can handle regarding my less than bubbly side.

And the great thing about the friend I just mentioned is even without me telling
him my situation, he had a word for me that was so perfect. So perfect, that it
almost brought me to tears. I appreciate all of the friends who either feel that
I’m not completely open. I love you all more than you can imagine or began
comprehend. Thank you for embracing a tiny person with a big heart who is “ever
complex in every way.”

I slow sipping Mary Mary’ ordinary people mixed with Lyfe Jennings’s down here
up there. Wearing a fresh coat of Shower Together.