So what do you do when your heart wants something that is so familiar but you know isn’t in your best interest? What do you do went you have finished a chapter but you what to reopen it? What do you tell yourself when you want to rewrite history to change the future?

So I have been thinking about the events of the past few days. I thought that I could separate my emotions from my actions. I thought I could but now I am not so sure. I made some decisions that have shown me that I may have a window of opportunity for doubt. I have always been able to make sound decisions but this one causes me to go back and forth on whether I have indeed made the correct decision. Now I can’t lie there have been many factors that lead to this decision and a major benefactor outside of the situation however with time those factors don’t seem as major and the benefactor is basically non-existant. 

The thing is the benefactor allowed me to realize what is possible. Time has passed and changes are in the mist. What has changed in the intial situation? Truthfully realization that somethings are going to be the same. And what has changed with the benefactor? Lack of consistancy with how it affects my life. One thing people always say is that they want things to be consistant, but there are times when consistancy is an issue, when you may ask? Times where what you are consistantlay receiving is not what you need or can handle. Times when you just want something different. Times when you believe something is better. So how has the lack of consistancy affected me? I can completely prepare myself to deal with anything if it will remain the same. Work. Friends. Foes. Relationships. If I know what to expect generally I can deal, but if something is changing up ever so often and then changing back I can’t really deal. And true. things are always greener on the other side, until you get there. So my wise wisedom for all of us is to appreciate what you do have, don’t crave what you don’t have, and allow God to work it all out for you.

“Someone once told me the grass was much greener on the other side. And I paid a visit and it’s possible I missed it they seem different but exactly the same. Still further noted I’m in between from where I’m standing my grass is green”

Contemplativingly drinking in Keri Hilson’s SuperHuman with flawlessy Stunningly Sexy.