Firstly, I would like to thank you for following me here to my joint blogging home. Secondly, I would like to restate that I don’t really know what is urging me to write about this topic but here I am. Thirdly, I am not scouting out a husband. I am not running towards the isle. This is just what is in my heart right now. So the other day I was thinking about all of the qualities that I want in my future husband and I came across a myspace blog posting of my bestie where she bares her 62-point minimum requirement. I elected a different approach at the same. I decided to create a list of promises that I could make to the man I would one day call my husband. I figure this was the best way to approach my list, by committing to promises that I can live up to and in turn expect of him as well. I want my husband to know that he can commit to these promises and have a list of his own.

So I find myself dreaming of the man that I will one day call my husband. I think about how our children will love us. And how our hard days will end with his head in my lap while I’m slowly rubbing his head. I think about how our children ask how we met and we look at each other knowing that God couldn’t have orchestrated our meeting better if he had tried. Going to sleep every night thinking about how I was blessed with the best man alive. And even when the bad days comes know that there isn’t anything that we can not face together with God.

Truthfully, I never saw myself as a “dater”. I always knew that by design I would be the settled type. At times this has been a downfall. I did think that I saw my husband in him. I came to realization that I didn’t so I couldn’t live that life any longer. I know when God shows me to my husband, he will be able to make more commitments to me that I could think of and I to him. So I’m not going to say that I am ready. I have so much growing to do in so many different ways, but I know that I can’t wait until God sees fit to add to my life in that way. I don’t plan to rush the process nor explore it on my own. I will wait patiently wait.

Thank you once again for reading my mind tonight. Here’s something that I found and instantly fell in love with Floetry Fantasize. Comments can be posted on both the facebook note or the myspace blog.

I’m soulfully drinking in Destiny’s Child’s Cater to you and Chrisette Michele’s Golden with Lovely Lavendar  with Shocking Pink dots.