So it’s kinda late and I can’t sleep I don’t really know why or what I’m gonna write about. I think that in the past few weeks or how ever much time it has been since I have written I have been ok. I have realized something that I think is very funny. I attract some of the most off brand dudes, like ever. Like I really thought about it. The guys think I’m “dope” or “chill” or “cute” or “unique”. I think for a person you claim to be all of these things you must think I’m stupid or dumb. I’m not going to say that I can’t be gamed but I can see through the thick of it. I’m good. So my thoughts are what do you really expect from a girl of my type?

If you think I am all that you say why would I fall for the nonsense? I’m coming super real and raw right now. I don’t fall for it. You have to be someone on special to first impress me before you could be considered. And now I think about how on TV the girls would “play hard to get” in order to make a dude interested in them and it worked. I see that in life it works as well but I’m not playing. I am hard to get. My friend told me something about me that made me laugh it was like nail on the head. She said “Who you are says do not step to me with any hesitation.” And it’s the truth if you don’t know who you are, you can’t find out about me. I am a strong woman. Not overbearing. Not manly. I know what I will and won’t take and who I am.

The thing is that with my newest hair style I get more attention. And I love attention however that does not mean to approach me with whatever sideways intentions you have and I’m supposed to be down. I’m not a complex woman, really I’m not, I just don’t need a dude to tell me about me because I have that within myself.  It gets distressing. So I appreciate the men who will just respectfully approach me (even though I kinda brush you off), men who say “you look nice” or “you’re pretty” and keep it pushin’. I understand especially when getting to know me, I’m cool. But the extras is not a good look…

Its all love always love.

Drearily listening to Chrisette Michele’s Ephinany with Cherry Red.