Day in your life

So unlike the other day today I have a lot on my mind. I have kind of decided to take a break from the ruckus in my life to document it, well in a way.  I am a realistic person. Also I’m not a “the world is  against me” but lately I have felt that way. Due to my own conspiracy theories I won’t get specific but it will be therapeutic either way. In the institution that I frequent I have to adhere to certain practices for the betterment of the running of the institution. I understand that completely. There needs to be defined standards so that everyone is on the same page. However, recently certain guidelines that have been communicated have changed how the focus of function in addition to the original standards that can not be neglected. It creates a stressful situation. I believe that the focuses are off or the why that they are communicated are off. And that confuses the reality of the circumstance. The simple reality is that point blank is this is working against me rather than for me. My reality is I see errors made and their possible long term effect. I have to exist in what I see as of now. I have to play the game. Truthfully, prior to this point I was being young because I should have always played the game. 

I am looking into myself and weeding out the nonsense. In life you learn somethings can be a progession but something have to be done immediately. I feel like I am not in control and that is not a good feeling. I have felt this way only once a couple of years ago when my roommate had a minor beef but made it major deal. It consumed my thoughts because I didn’t know what was the issue because it had not been directly addressed. I am a strong person and I can take a lot. I know I will get through this its just an adjustment that needs to be made. I don’t plan to get beaten.  I’m a survivor I’ll win!

I have other things on my mind but tonight I will pass. It’s always love. Always.

Drinking in with a somber heart Pink’s – Don’t Let me get me with chipped Cherry Red.