Today I am going to come at this with an  open heart. Not saying that in other post I don’t, I just think it is something to point out for this post. A few weeks ago, I lost a friend close to me and at the time it bothered me greatly. The reason it hurt so much is because I sincerely feel that if I am not there for someone that I can’t be sure that anyone will be there for them. So if you let me know that you are having a hard time I want to be there for you right then because I truthfully feel that “If not me then who?” The flows over into other areas of my life too, I have always been the type to feel like if I don’t do it no one will. I go hard for people that I love and I want them to do well. I sometimes feel that I don’t get the same consideration in return, but everyone don’t show emotions the same way.

Today at work a discussion this book called “The Five Languages of Love” and it’s true I am kinda standoffish about discussions about love. Mainy because sometimes my views are “old school” and after expressing my views led to a major dismissal from the table I monitor myself. But the discussion of this book was intresting. Persons at the table 3 single and 2 commited. The discussion arose between one of the commited persons and one of the single persons. They began to discuss how there is a singles addition to the book and how it helps you to relate with people just in life. So apparently this book breaks down the levels of love and how each person has a love need and in order to have a fulfilling relationship each party has to know how to cater to the other’s love need. As the conversation to place I just sat back to listen to the obvious. Clearly people respond to things differently and they would transpire into relationships too, so one would have to cater to their signifigant other’s style in order for the relationship to be successful. I really can not get into books or things that tell me the obvious and feed as it brand new.  I might just be touchy when it comes to the topic, I just feel if you have the earnest intent to give you other what they need that is all you can ask for. Now I know that it doesn’t keep a relationship together but neither does love, it takes more than that.

 People often only see the bad in the world and I see it too, but I am and hopefully will always be a glass half full kinda gal. I just hold on the fact that the bad makes the good worth while. I just can’t allow things in life to keep me down too long. I love you. Always Always Always Love.

I am timidly drinking in Musiq- Teach me with chipped neon purple.