Well I’m… I guess the word is excited. So yea I’m excited. And I do understand that I am writing the way that I speak but today I’m just going to roll with it.

Why am I excited? Have you ever thought about something and just got happy? Have you ever found an old cd, movie or other random item and just felt good? That is how I feel about this dress. Anyone who really knows me knows that I get a “summer dress” each summer. Now by “summer dress” I mean a dress that I instantly love more than others in  my closet , like instant classic. This year is not any different. I have a dress that I have that I truly love, even though lately I have acquired a lot of them. This year I am faced with something I wasn’t before. I’m excited and about an old dress rediscovered. This dress was likable before but it is lovable now.

I know this may sound weird that I am so consumed by this dress but its not like the others. This dress holds memories. Now I hold a piece of the dress and  I guess in a way the dress has a piece of me.

I’m overjoyed that the season has now come for me to enjoy both the time and the dress. But I am already dreading the fact that this time will end I will pack it away with the rest of the memories of this time.

Jen said “Its faith!” Talking about how perfect the timing is for this dress. Truly, I’m not sure if you meant fate or faith either I’m not sure I’m convinced. I do know this: this dress fits refreshingly well.

Trendy drinking in Best I Ever Had by Drake in Fuschia Shock creme.