This is dedicated to you…

Don’t you love when you get a pleasant surprise? When you get something that you didn’t expect. I for one can say that I do. As of late I have been seemingly overwhelmed with emotions that I had not tapped into before. Not that they didn’t exist, but you brought them out of me. At times, I get kind of reclusive with my thoughts and feelings regarding you because sometimes I feel that words don’t accurately express how I feel or maybe that I just haven’t found the right ones yet. So today no longer will I hide behind books, songs, and summer dresses. It’s just me. I have reached this point with you and I am sincerely happy that I have. You have been a shoulder since before you understood how much it mattered.

our park

our park

Today has been one of the longest days that I have had in a long time. I really felt tired when I left only to have to bend over more. I have been drained by some of the people in my life. And I began to want you near me… or rather me near you. I wanted to get away to you. You have been someone that really does not take away from my life but adds. I appreciate that in you.

And in your times of frustration is when I noticed that this is indeed different. Never have I ever felt in my heart to uplift a man in prayer the way I do when you are frustrated. My deepest of hearts tell me to hit my knees for you and that is what I do. You hold a space in my heart that has never been held. I am excited for the future. Between funny nonsense and real life there is a interesting ride ahead of us. Nights of long goodbyes, distant hugs and kisses, and days of conversations that may interest only us, make it worth while. And nights when the sadness takes over I thinkĀ  about the words you say “It won’t be like this forever,” and know that I’m not the only one feeling this and it eases my mind. So today despite how extra this may be I am “Tom Cruising” it. I LOVE YOU.

Stunningly drinking in Everything by Stacey Orrico in my navy blues.