Many people would say that I’m tough. Meaning, I am not soft, I don’t back down, and I don’t take any nonsense.  I mean I could understand how someone could take that as a negative but I believe that there are some times you need to be a bulldog. When I do act in that capacity it’s because I have to in order to get things done, not that I enjoy it. IMG01690

In the past few days or weeks or months, let’s say. I feel people, most of whom have been females, have been trying to push my bulldog button. I have just been blown away at the boldness of people who are weak and weak minded who wouldn’t be able to speak in a stern tone of voice towards my bulldog personality find the backbone to take part in desperate and ridiculously unnecessary antics in pseudo-passive aggressive manner. What do I say to psuedo-passive aggressive? Buck up.  Just say what you feel you are entitled to say.

The reason I may come across a little hostile is because people who play bold or assertive make me laugh, but upset at the same time. I don’t hint at things. I say what I need to say and let the chips fall where they may. Generally I am wise with my word choice but when I need to make myself clear, I don’t devivate from my straight path, and how ever it comes out is however it comes out.

I know people aren’t going to respond to life the way I would, but If you feel like you want to say something then say it. Don’t hint to it or to say it through someone else. I personally don’t send messages through other people mainly because I can’t be sure that my correct message will make it there the way I wanted it to. So many people would like to think that they are bold but I would like to say true boldness comes with the  understand that people may not like what you have to say and that they may think you are out of line.

IMG01650I know that in my time I know somethings that work for me. I know that if I say something I need to be able to reponsibility for what I said to whoever asks and if you feel some sort of way about it, that is your issue not mine. So to the people who have been working me over lately. If you have something to say about anyone and you couldn’t bring it to them or admit you said it if they brought it to you, it’s probably in your best interest not to continue on that path because people could see you as spineless. I’m not judging I’m just saying. I stand behind what I have said and if brings me to some sort of fork in the road then I will make my decision at that point , but I will never pretend to be something or someone I am not, it’s just not attractive.

And since I’m on the subject. I tried, but not really tried, to understand in the enter workings of a hater mind. Like I know some people may laugh but seriously I was just thinking of legitimate and illegitimate reasons of  being a hater.  I did kind of find a reason that hating makes sense when you want what someone has; ie significant other, clothes, job, character, wisdom, etc. But after more thought you realize there is only reason one would be hating is because they feel it’s something they truly can’t accomplish on their own. So that makes for a semi reasonable reason to be a hater. What I have been faced with lately is the hater without a purpose. That is one hater that boggles my mind. The one that doesn’t want anything that you have or want to be you they just got up in the morning and said, “If someone tells me something that isn’t terrible, I’m gunna act stank.” Truly some people are like that. I have come to noticed that all types of people fall victim to it. It’s sad really.

When I think of latter of the haters I think of the Katt Williams hater joke when he talks about how hater dudes marry IMG01541hater chicks and they have hater babies and they just hate. So I have sort of stopped trying to make sense of something that is not meant to make sense. So has I come to the end of this blog I just want to say that anyone who finds themselves in either of the two categories may want to reassess life. I mean we all have issues… If there are yours handle yours like everyone else has to handle theirs.

Honestly drinking in Taylor Swift’s Our Song while damaged and a bare.