On a day-to-day basis people feel the need to tell me their life stories and give me great wisdoms. And yesterday at work was no different. This guy was explaining to me why he should get what he wants and ended his call by telling me, “Your character is all you have. God does not give you character. He gives you talent. Talent may get you there but your character will keep you there.” Truthfully I never thought about that. But it has always been important to me to make sure that my character was never in question.

                I think people in general forget how important it is to make sure that your character in not in question. I was at work and one of my co-workers were talking about how her, “mother does everything right and always owes the IRS money. I do everything wrong and I always get $5600 back from the IRS. I mean everything is a risk. If you get caught you are going owe the IRS.” I thought about how crazy it was that someone would be talking about how the scam the government in public. But I realized that some people don’t care about how they represent themselves to world.

                I was talking to a woman on the phone at work. She told me she suffered from brain aneurysms. She told me a funny story about her children. I got off that phone and I was happy for her; happy that she was able to have joy in an inarguably a terrible situation. She was no victim. She is a victor. Not to say that she didn’t have pain or hard days but she defiantly saw a “light at the end of the tunnel.” I was so honored to have spoken with her. She uplifted my day. I thought about how many people I see and talk to that have not gone through anything half as trying as this lady and they count themselves as victims.  I count as a character flaw to count oneself as a victim. I say this because people who count themselves as victims feel that things are entitled to them. They feel like their existence is enough to make them worthy of something that other people have to work for. It’s really sad actually. Some people grow out of it and some grow into it but as time goes on it doesn’t matter. As long as you consider yourself a victim people will treat you like one. That is the most crippling thing that anyone can do to someone making them think that they need someone’s help. They end up stunted because they cannot depend on themselves. 

                I have been seeing many quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt and I began to realize other than her quotes I knew nothing about her. I told a friend that just by seeing her quotes it made want to read more about her. She seems like such a wise woman. It made me think of Michelle Obama. When I see her, I see a woman not without her own issues and problems but a woman who has put them aside for the common good of others. She looked within herself to open her life up to the country and moreover the world. She shares her husband and her life with the world. I am sure that she never woke up and thought “I want to be married to the President of the United States.” Yet everyday she walks in such grace though her job is far from easy.  I see women everyday that walk around with that same type of grace knowing that life in general is very far from easy. It’s not about the nice clothes and photo shoots. Not about having eloquent answers to difficult questions; it’s about having the strength to see that ultimately there are other things in life to be concerned with rather than me and mine.

                I love seeing women who are strong yet not overbearing, masculine, or jaded. I gives me hope that one day other women will want to see themselves they way others see women like Eleanor Roosevelt and Michelle Obama. Not that there are other women who exhibit great grace and stature but these are the women I have been impressed lately.

This is definitely not the last of Eleanor Roosevelt or Michelle Obama… its kind of tip of the iceberg. I am excited to see where my mind takes me on them. I plan to study them; I think it will be enlightening and interesting to say the least.

“Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people”

                                                                                                               -Eleanor Roosevelt

With an open mind and heart drinking in Chrisette Michele’s The way love feels au natural.