“Keianna White has been thinking that before yesterday at 11 o’clock service, she has never felt like she was in the right place at the right time. Never has she been so overjoyed to experience an oppurtunity that she possibly would not have considered. And all she did was say yes… Imagine that.”

Throughout my life I have felt, at times, my life was just one string of random events after another. Particularly post high school, I have felt most things I had encountered had been random. Meeting people, going places, seeing things. All random. Now understand, I don’t completely remit all my role in the events but I feel some events were random but some premeditated.

So due to my at times abnormal feelings, I have felt as though I have  fallen off course and off-balance. When having conversations with people who have been strategically placed to uplift me, I was told that I am “exactly where [I am] supposed to be.” And every time I hear it, it chips away at the insecurity that I have built up through out my life.

Recently, I was selected to work beside my Pastor’s wife. When I was asked I really just said yea. I didn’t consider anything else. I felt like it was an honor to be selected. I really didn’t think about what exactly it would entail but I knew I would have the opportunity to learn and I was excited about that. I was selected to begin my rotation on May 2.

In general, I always forsee that things are different from how they appear. So I saw First Lady’s other adjutants and what they did but I also thought that there has to be more to what that they do that I didn’t see. So approaching my first day I began to get nervous because I didn’t know what quite to expect. Day 1. Few mistakes. Keep it moving.

While on the phone with my best friend I began to tell him about my feeling out-of-place, when he told me that I was in place that I was supposed to be in. He offered up several  examples to support his position. And instantly, tears filled my eyes because hearing that made for a very emotional moment.

On Sunday, I get up with all my enthusiasm with expectation for the day. I am awaiting service to begin when Pastor tells me that I did a good job the previous week and how I looked like I was  exactly where I was supposed to be. The progression of service evolves and Pastor begins to speak. I was sitting there next to First Lady thinking “I am so in the right place at the right time.” And it felt awesome.

The service continues and Pastor begins to lay hands on people. When he gets to the end of the line he turns to me and speaks into my life. I got home  and really digested the day and all that Pastor said. All I could think about was the fact that all I did was say yes. Yes to something I was selected to do. It just boggled my mind because I didn’t go out of my way to find this or to be seen. I just said yes.

I left service feeling more secure than I had in a very long time. I needed this. For those who are like me who just don’t see what people see in you. Those of us that it just hasn’t sunk in quite yet. Keep persevering. Those who like me, just need to say yes. Do it. It will change your life. I promise.

Listening to Shekinah Glory’s Yes, Hillsong’s Inside out, and Fred Hammond’s Awesome God while in chipped and cracked love letters.