Okay. I’ll just start this post off by saying it’s another maybe it’s just me post. That said, I have realized as I have gotten older, or prehaps as I gotten to know myself,  I am a lot more sensitive than I ever thought I was. Thus, being more sensitive than other people would think I am as well. I have actually had conversations with friends of mine when they say “I almost forgot you were a girl,” or something of the like and I get offended. It’s not that I don’t understand that I am female because anyone who knows me knows I’m all nail polish, purses, heels, and lip gloss. It’s just that I have strong feelings about what female-like qualities and traits I want to have. One of which is being too sensitive. By too sensitive I mean that you take offense to something that was not directed toward you based on something you feel inside. And actually as I type this I realize it’s not just a female thing yet I still think about it that way.

I do fall victim to female-like traits only one that I will discuss, others I dare not share at this moment.  I saw something that I know was not directed toward me yet it affected me. I felt  as though I was in the category with “those people.” Random sidenote, Funny how when we don’t associate ourselves with something or someone we feel is beneath us we say words like those, they, and them. I was discussing with a friend the other day that sometimes people post things that offended me though I know their words are not directed at me but because of the life that I have lived I am still hurt. This is where I am now. Hurt by words. I want to cry but now I have no tears.

I know that what hurts is not the words exactly but rather what it means. I apologize if this confuses anyone but once again tonight I only have questions. Well one question actually. My question tonight would have to be, what does it mean when your feelings are hurt by something that wasn’t directed toward you? Like I said, if I’m the only one that ever feels this way I understand.

Taking in Vivian Green’s Emotional Rollercoaster while being over come by Italian Job.