1. I may not always like my job but I appreciate it. I  have gained more knowledge about this business then people twice my age.

2. I prefer shopping online than in  store because its rare to find a nice associate.

3. I hate when people say “it was like [fill in the blank]” the word like is not a space filler. This also goes for when people say “I think you have the wrong number” you know that your not the person I asked for.

4. I hate that people don’t understand the difference between need & want and right & privlege.

5. Though women are known to be oversharers, I am an undersharer.

6. I hate that their are people who don’t know what is going on with their finances because their spouse handles it.

7. I am my mother’s child.

8. I hate loud rap music during anytime of the day but only if I don’t know the song.

9. Something about me irritates females to their core. I don’t know what it is or what type of females fall victim to it.

10. I am dangerously close to being anti- social. I love to socialize but only when I am comfortable.

11. I don’t have any issue with riding in the passenger seat, I actually enjoy it.

12.  I don’t like casual talk in formal enviroments. Ex. You are at work talking about sex.

14. I am fairly old fashioned, where relationships are concerned,  I rather follow than lead.

15. I am so excited about my future.

16. I like talking in an English accent. One day I hope to be believable.

17. Growing up I only liked to use blue pens. Now I only use black pens.

18.I can be lazy. I don’t like doing laundry. I take showers at night so in the morning I can be out of the house 10 minutes.

19. I see traits of myself in people on televisions shows. And sometimes it makes me sad.

20. I love outlandish conversations with people that I have known for years.

21. I love reruns. I love Lucy. Roseanne. The Cosby Show. A Different World. Gilmore Girls. Law and Order. two parter: Growing up my sister and I watched a lot of old shows but when we were younger we didn’t know that I Love Lucy were reruns.

22. I love doctor shows… random fact: your uterus, rectum, and bladder can fall out. Don’t believe me look it up. I saw it on Dr. Oz.

23. I am a insecure version of my old self. It makes me sad to know that I was a much more confident person in my teens than I am in my 20’s.

24. I have become a typical girl. You know the kind that wishes someone just knew how you felt without telling them. It’s not realistic but I feel that way sometime.

25. I’m like a karaoke machine. I sing random songs all of time. Right note or wrong note, If I like the song or if I hear a song and it’s stuck, I’m singing it loud, proud, and sometimes wrong.

26. I had the most awesome trip of my life. Cancun. Why was it so awesome? I was virtually unreachable in a gorgeous suite-like room.  Away from everything else. Seclusion. Who’d think it would be so nice? I did.