Julian :  “I feel like  people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination. Well, we’re always thinking that someday we’ll be happy. We’ll get that car or that job or that person in our lives that’ll fix everything. But happiness is a mood. And it’s a condition, not a destination. It’s like being tired or hungry. It’s not permanent. It comes and goes and that’s okay. And I feel like if people thought of it that way they’d find happiness a lot more often.”

Brooke: “So you think it’s okay to be a little miserable every now and then, even when you have great things in your life?”

Julian:  “Is it okay to be little hungry now and then?”

This was a conversation between two characters on One Tree Hill. I think it gives a lot to think about.

Sometimes we need to know that it is okay to be unhappy with where our lives are. To be unhappy that we don’t have all of what we want or what we thought we would have. Sometimes we think about the things that other people don’t have and minimalize what pains or hurts we have. Just because your pains are different from mine do not make my pains any less painful. I remember watching an episode of Oprah when Reese Witherspoon was her guest. Oprah asked her about marriage counseling with her then husband, Ryan Phillipe. She talked about how everyone has their own issues that they have to deal with. That just because they are “famous” doesn’t mean they don’t have issues.

Lately, I have been wallowing in the sorrow that I am not where I want to be and I don’t have what I would like to have. I have been thinking about how when I make the necessary changes and transitions it is going to be uncomfortable for me for a while and how that may put me in a position that make me wish I never started these changes. Sometimes its overwhelming to see tomorrow on the horizon and know that it will bring a lot of things you want but may not be ready for. The other thing that may be overpowering is the fact that you know that you have outgrown where you are. I know that many people go through this phase in life. Sometimes this phase is what keeps people in a place of stunted growth, they have scared themselves into staying where they are. I don’t fear the unknown I just know that the unknown is unknown and I wish it wasn’t. I wish I knew how everything would play out.

I say all of that to say this. Being unhappy occasionally doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. Even if you have a lot of things to be happy about, being unhappy from time to time doesn’t mean that you are ungrateful. No one person has everything that they want. No one person has everything all figured out. No one person has all their ducks in a row. No one person has it all together. No one person has it all the answers. I think when we really take that in we stop looking to people to compare ourselves against. It does get better. We just have to stick it out.

Taking in I Want Something that I Want by Grace Potter & Bethany Joy Galetti and Heaven by John Legend with Nonfat Soy Half Caff and a splash of Watermelon.